'Cause I'm with you
'til the end of the line

Just call me Anna.

I used to blog comics, and then Makoto Tachibana happened.

22 years old. Arizona, USA. Mexican. College student. Truly, truly, truly outrageous.

my crap art | crappier gifs | comic edits | Asshole Avengers
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if a roleplayer prefers writing smut over angst does that mean that they

write sins not tragedies


♥ ms marvel ♥

hope to draw more fanarts of kamala and robbie from angr soon!

maybe nova fanart as well


I’ve been meaning to post my piece for the Brooklyn Fanzine all week but, lately, life has been so hectic i just didn’t get the time until now ahah hm


"I wonder if we’ll see another sight we’ve never seen before."
"We will. The four of us together."